PAX Preview (the 1st)!


Hello all! We here at United We Game have graciously been granted access to all sorts of juicy preview info in the days leading up to PAX Prime, and needless to say we’re psyched to the utmost to be able to share it all with you! To start it all off, I’d like to give you a short intro to 5 of these exciting games and accessories. Over the course of PAX, I’ll be conducting interviews with the incredibly talented individuals behind each of these, so I’ll bring you more information about these as it is gathered. For now though, I heartily encourage you to check out the sites for each of the following.

2c4ad7ed8b4e23d11052ac2bc559f5fe_largeSword ‘n’ Board

This is a retro throwback game being created largely by indie developer Robert Busy. It’s a top-down adventure-puzzle game that challenges player to find their own way as our beloved games of old once did. The game’s protagonist, Sidd, is a kid with an active imagination who has recently had his video games confiscated, and must now embark on an epic quest to recover them. Sound like familiar tale? (aside from the epic quest part, I mean). The gameplay sounds rather promising, hosting a huge amount of item combinations to discover and experiment with in addition to exploring and confronting enemies.

Check out the kickstarter at to learn more about this very promising game.

718139_20130605_640screen004Tiny Brains

This coop puzzle puts you and three friends (though you can play alone if you want) in control of the “tiny brains”, 4 lab animals that have developed super powers due to being relentlessly experimented on. Your goal? Use those brains of yours to think on your feet and solve action-packed puzzles in order to win your freedom from the mad scientist who has subjected to so many experiments.

See more at

OsirisStudiosBanner_SmallMists of Stagnation

This steampunk styled game pits players against one another in a struggle to control the dwindling resources of a devastated Earth. Players will have access to a host of steampunked versions of their favorite weapons, and in a more-than-just-interesting twist, one player on each team will take on the role of the Commander, a giant mech which allows them to direct their team with RTS style game mechanics.

See more at


smc-ss-2Smashmuck Champions

This Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game puts players in control of over 20 different Champions ranging from wacky, to zany, to downright awesome. It sports 5 different modes of play, from classic CTF variant “PlunderBall” to the more unique Siege and Destroyer gametypes. It allows players a large to get further involved by incorporating community driven content!

To find out more and even try the game check out there site, found at

stinky_foot_white_transparentThe Stinky Footboard

Say hello to the next generation of gaming accessories you didn’t know you needed! The Stinky Footboard gives players the ability to map up to 16 different functions to the board. This supposedly allows users to game more efficiently, executing moves faster, using abilities they could make effective use of before, or simply freeing up their hands to focus on the more important controls. It sounds weird, it sounds like it would be awkward, but honestly I kind of get how something like this could be helpful.

Check it out for yourself at .

Hope you enjoyed this admittedly short (but fun!) preview, and as I said before, we’ll be bringing you more about these games and others in the coming days. Stick around!