Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics: Demo Review

Considering Mother Duck and I have accumulated a small collection of physical games to play in recent months, I thought it would also be fun to try out a digital collection of physical games called Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics for the Switch.  While the full game has, well, 51 games, the demo contains four, Connect Four, dominoes, a card game called President, and slot cars, which featured three tracks. 

I was rather terrible at all these games, save for Connect Four, a game similar to Tic Tac Toe, an experience that was rather nostalgic, as I used to own a physical copy as a duckling.  The second game involved placing dominoes with matching numbers side by side.  It seemed simple enough, but for whatever reason, I failed to earn any points (except for when I was the first to run out), even though I thought I was playing correctly.  President was a very confusing card game that didn’t seem to follow its own rules.  Yes, I was probably just being a dork, but the rules appeared so easy at first glance, only for me to have no idea what I was doing once the game actually began.  Last of all was slot cars, where the only controls consisted of an accelerate button, and the only strategy involved slowing down at turns so you don’t go off the track.  As with the previous two games, I was rubbish at it.

Video from YouTube User: Virtual Bastion

While this game isn’t exactly for me, I’d imagine this would be a pretty good collection for someone who’s into old-fashioned physical games, but who prefers the convenience of having them in a digital format.  Most likely, you’d have more fun with this game if you had other people to play it with, as well, as I feel playing these kinds of games against the computer would get pretty lonely after a while.  And with a price tag of $39.99, that’s less than $1 per game!  I found a full list of all 51 games on the game’s Wikipedia page, so in case you’re interested, you can peruse the list there and confirm whether or not Clubhouse Games really has the kinds of games you’re looking for.

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