Atari Announces ‘Mr. Run and Jump,’ and It Looks…Good?!

I don’t know about you all, but after the nothing burger that was/is the Atari VCS and all the crazy crypto shenanigans of the past year or two, I kind of wrote-off this so-called new Atari as little more than a jaded attempt to quickly cash-in on nostalgia. Yet, the VCS (such as it is) did make it to store shelves, and now the company is actually publishing games again. Even more, at least one, Mr. Run and Jump, actually looks good! Who knew they had it in them?

Video from YouTube channel: Atari

Honestly, had Atari been focusing on truly modernized versions of classic Atari 2600-style games like this one is, perhaps it really could have made a serious comeback as a game publisher. Now, Mr. Run and Jump isn’t a remake of an old classic; it’s actually a remake of a game made for the 2600 in 2021, but even so. It looks like a faster and more fluid take on the kind of tough-as-nails platforming seen in Celeste, Super Meat Boy, and Rayman Legends, and I’m all for it! Seriously Atari, why did you focus on gimmicks when you could have been promoting this kind of stuff the whole time??

It’s apparently coming out later this year for PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and Atari VCS, so keep an eye on it if you have any of those.

What do you make of this? Think it looks good? What do you think of modern Atari?

Image is the official title art for the game

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