Hunt: Showdown is Getting an Engine Upgrade

Once an online game hits the five year mark, it’s usually either run its course or has just settled into a regular content schedule with no more earth-shaking changes planned. There are exceptions like Warframe of course, and now it seems Hunt: Showdown is one too. In fact, according to PC Gamer, the grim battle royale will soon be getting the biggest shake-up any game can get post-release: an entirely new engine!

Video from YouTube channel: PlayStation Europe

In the interest of keeping things short, the article describes how Crytek is beginning the process of transitioning Hunt: Showdown from the 5.6 build of CyEngine to the latest 5.11 version. Crytek is apparently doing so with the goal of improving the game’s looks and as well as enable certain upgrades for gameplay too, but it seems the company has not yet provided many details regarding what exactly it wants to accomplish with the upgrade.

The article also notes that this is a strong indication that Crytek is not currently developing a sequel to Hunt: Showdown, as it wouldn’t make sense for a developer to engage in such a massive upgrade for a game that’s going to be replaced. Overall, this is great news for existing fans of the game and a good chance for newcomers to hop in and get involved. Hunt is one of the more difficult battle royales out there right now, but those who can get on board are certainly in for a unique experience.

Have you tried Hunt: Showdown? What do you think of the game, and are you excited for this upgrade?

Image from the Hunt: Showdown Steam Page

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