Fans Won’t Be Able to Go Everywhere in Hogwarts Legacy

For the most part, it’s looking like Harry Potter fans are going to have their run of most of the wizarding world’s iconic locations. From Hogwarts and Hogsmeade, to Gringotts and Diagon Alley, players will be able to check it all out as it was in an era prior to Harry and Voldemort. That said, it seems like not every location featured in the books/movies is going to be accessible.

According to The Loadout, recent Hogwarts Legacy leaks seem to confirm that players won’t be able to visit The Chamber of Secrets (and most certainly won’t be able to open it). I would hope that this wouldn’t come as a surprise to those looking forward to the game, since being able to access the chamber would be a major violation of the series’ lore.

From what we’re told, the Chamber of Secrets was only opened one other time in Hogwart’s history: the short period in which Tom Riddle himself attended the school and unleashed its serpentine monster upon the student body. That’s it. If Portkey Games allowed players to waltz up and just open it, enter and defeat the Basilisk, it would absolutely throw the established lore into chaos.

Who knows though, maybe players will indeed be able to open the Chamber someday as part of an eventual DLC chapter or “What If?”-style event. The thing is though, would you really want to?

What do you think of this reveal? Does it make sense to you? Would you open the chamber if you could?

Image from Hogwarts Legacy Steam page