Fans Are Working to Translate Sakura Wars 2

Fans of the Sakura Wars series might finally have the chance to play 1998’s Sakura Wars 2: Thou Shalt Not Die in English at long last. This would be due to a new fan translation project that’s about to get under way. No estimate on time yet of course, but it looks like the team is dead-set on getting this done quickly and properly.

Video from YouTube channel: TrekkiesUnite

As the title suggests, Sakura Wars 2: Thou Shalt Not Die continues the story of the Imperial Combat Revue in an alternate history version of Taisho Japan. This particular project, according to Techraptor, is being helmed by NoahSteam, and most of the actual translation process has actually already been completed. I’d imaging that what they’ll be spending most of their time on moving forward will be actually integrating it all into the game. Whatever the case, it sounds cool, eh? There’s actually a demo available right now for those interested in a taste of the full experience.

Are you a fan of this series? What do you think of these sorts of fan projects in general?

Image from the project trailer