Mod Removes Ed Sheeran from Pokemon Scarlet/Violet Credits

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is has been having issues across the board since its recent launch, and quite a few fans are upset with it. Funny enough though, the most annoying thing in the game isn’t some glitch, but an Ed Sheeran song selected for the game’s credits. And what’s even more funny than that: it’s the first thing modders targeted. That’s right, you can now enjoy Pokemon Scarlet / Violet without having to subject your ears to Ed Sheeran!

Okay, I say that, but I personally have not actually heard the song. So, I don’t really know why people hate it enough to mod it out. For that matter, I honestly have no idea who Ed Sheeran is. The Media has been calling him the “new king of pop,” but I don’t think I’ve ever heard even so much as a snippet of a song from the man. Anyway, the mod.

According to Exputer, the “Remove Sheeran” mod is the first official mod released for the game, but it seems that it currently only works on Pokemon Violet. What does it put in place of the song? Music from a late Japanese pop singer known as Wada Koji. You likely don’t know that game either, but you’ve likely heard their work if you’ve ever watched Digimon, as he was responsible for a lot of the music for that series.

So yeah, if you’d rather listen to that than Ed Sheeran’s “Celestial,” then go ahead and give this mod a try if you’re able. Though, I wonder if it might just be better to sit this entry out altogether.

What do you think of Ed Sheeran? Like him or not? How about these new Pokemon games?

Image from the Nintendo eShop page