Pokemon Scarlet, Violet Breeding Mechanics Detailed

Pokemon breeding has been a mechanic in the series since the days of Gold and Silver on the Game Boy Color, so you’d think the rules and mechanics would be pretty well established by now. Typically, players would find the Pokemon Daycare Center, drop-off the two pokemon they’d like to breed and then go run laps for the next 15 minutes until an egg is finally produced. This has more or less remained unchanged, but new wrinkles have been introduced in almost every new generation. It seems such will be the case for this one too.

According to NintendoEverything.com, it’ll be picnics instead of daycares that will facilitate this mechanic. To make it happen, players will need to have two compatible pokemon in their party before starting the picnic, then, after starting it, run around the area until an egg eventually appears in the area.

Honestly, it’s always felt kind of weird that the breeding mechanic location was called the “daycare,” as if the pokemon were still juveniles, but somehow a “picnic” feels weirder. And to do laps around then blanket while waiting for the thing to happen? Also weird. But, maybe that’s just my own weird brain.

What do you think about the breeding mechanic in pokemon? Would you say that this is an improvement?

Image by Flickr user Adam Purves (S3ISOR) (cc)