Silt is a Delightfully Unsettling Experience

I’m always on the hunt for horror games that aren’t filled with gore and ghouls.  One such game is Silt, where you play as a mysterious scuba diver with the power to possess other creatures.  The game is more eerie than outright scary, making for an experience that is both unsettling and relaxing.

Silt features detailed, black and white graphics that are surprisingly beautiful and give off strong Limbo vibes.  Gameplay requires the player to solve puzzles in order to proceed, and these puzzles can be pretty interesting when paired with the various fishies’ abilities.  There are small fish with sharp teeth that can bite through things, stingrays that can teleport forward short distances, and electric eels that can power machines, among other things.  I really enjoyed the puzzles in this game and found them to be thought-provoking without being overly difficult. 

Have a delicious face-worm…

Silt is broken down into four chapters with four bosses, though I have to admit that the bosses were the weakest part of the game.  The first and third weren’t bad, but two and four were…kind of lame, to be honest, as they required very little thought to defeat.  The only other complaint I had concerned one puzzle where you had to pick up a crab with a claw machine, which was way tougher than it needed to be.

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In general, Silt is a great option if you want to play a horror game that doesn’t rely on blood and jump scares.  Honestly, the game might be a bit light on the “horror” side of things, but I still enjoyed the game’s eerie vibes, interesting puzzles, and surreal environment.  Silt is available on PC and all major consoles for $14.99 and took me roughly 5 hours to complete.

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