Halo Inifinite Technically Already Has Splitscreen Co-op…For Now

Recently, 343i announced that they are cancelling the long-awaited splitscreen co-op mode, despite initial promises and fan disappointment. However, it is technically in the game right now, and accessible thanks to a certain glitch. Will it be available for much longer, probably not considering that the developer doesn’t want it in the game, so check it out right away if you can.

According to MP1st, players can trick the game while offline into thinking that it’s using the local online co-op feature. The actual glitch take a bit to explain, so make sure to check out their article with @HaloCreation’s videos to get the full step-by-step. Here’s the crazy thing about this though: it’s actually fairly stable all things considered.

Yes, there are bugs and a risk of crashing (this isn’t an official mode after all), but @HaloCreations states that there are no crashes in cutscenes and no issue with AI. The meat of a good full-fledged mode is there, so why is 343i abandoning it? So strange!

My pet theory is that Halo Inifinite is already considered a failure, and they’re not exactly interested in investing resources into a mode only a small portion of their already decimated player base will use. There’s no way to test this theory, but it does makes some of these decisions make sense.

Honestly, I’m thinking this wouldn’t have been an issue at all if the game had been ready from Day 1 and not been planned around in-game purchases and this obnoxious open-world trend. All we needed was a normal Halo game in the classic mold, but then that’s never been something 343i’s been interested in making, is it? Anyway, this is a pretty cool glitch, so check it out before they patch it out!

What do you think of the Halo Infinite situation? Will you give this glitch a try? Think you’ll still get the next Halo game after all this nonsense?

Image from Halo Waypoint