Please, Please Be Good, Atomic Heart!

Okay, so this one is a little late as far as news goes, but I really wanted to talk about it. Late last week, Mundfish finally released a new trailer for Atomic Heart. It was a nice, 3-minute chunk of combat gameplay which, I must say, makes the game look absolutely fantastic! It’s so fast, fluid and brutal that I couldn’t help but gape while watching that. Check it out for yourself in you haven’t already and join me in hoping that we don’t have another Cyberpunk 2077 on our hands here.

Video from YouTube channel: Atomic Heart

There’s so much here that’s outright striking that I almost don’t want to believe it’s real. We’ve got the frozen enemy visuals right out of the old BioShock 2007 TV spot! Like, it looks like you’re actually turning them into ice instead of just covering them in it and making them cold! It looks so cool! Armored enemies take superficial battle damage! Their armor doesn’t just pop-off either! It scratches and dents! I never knew how much I wanted to see that until now!

The enemy designs range from cool, to gross, to disturbing, and the world like it’ll allow a bit more freedom of movement than first anticipated. Maybe we’ll have zones to explore like in the most recent God of War or a Metroid Prime game! The world itself looks downright cool, and the combat, the combat! Crazy melee weapons mixed with traditional arms, elemental powers, strange hacking abilities and relentless AI, it all looks incredible!

Alas, we’ve seen incredible before, and seeing it in trailers just isn’t enough anymore. By now we should have all learned that even gameplay that looks good in previews isn’t necessarily good in reality, and we’ve now also seen several projects that promised the world and failed to deliver. Hopefully Atomic Heart lives up to this trailer when it eventually releases. Until it’d confirmed though, all we can and should do is keep the hype in check and hope for the best.

What do you think of Atomic Heart? Do you think it’ll be able to live up to what’s shown here?

Image from captured from the Atomic Heart gameplay teaser