[Revisited] So Nintendo, Where’s That Donkey Kong Collection At?

It’s now been two years since the last major collection got released by Nintendo, and there’s still no sign that the publisher/developer is planning to release a Donkey Kong collection. So, let’s ask again: where’s it at Nintendo???

(This post was originally posted on May 2nd, 2021)

When Nintendo announced Super Mario 3D All-Stars last year, I found myself feeling hopeful that the company would finally start taking their classic library seriously again. Limited time items (with limited selections of games) like the NES and SNES Classics aside, Nintendo has spent the better part of 7 years doing almost nothing with their absolutely gargantuan catalog of incredible games.

Where’s the modern virtual console? Better yet where are the collections for games like Zelda or Donkey Kong. Donkey Kong in particular is due for some sort of collection, I think. After all, some of the its games haven’t seen a re-release since the days of the Wii. That’s about 13 years without any sort of easy access. Indeed, Nintendo would do well to make more of their old games more accessible, but seriously, where iz dat Dankey Kang collection?!

In some cases, I suppose we don’t really need a new collection in order to play Donkey Kong. I’m not 100% sure, but I think the SNES Donkey Kong games are available on Switch Online now. Some of the NES Donkey Kong games might be on there too. What about the later Donkey Kong games though? Where’s Donkey Kong 64 at? What about Donkey Kong Country Returns? We got Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze on Switch at least, but the original is still MIA.

I suppose the need isn’t as dire as it was in the case of games like Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy, but that’s still 2 major Donkey Kong releases unaccounted for at the moment. Even if they are already available on Switch Online, it would still be awesome to have hard copy versions of the original DKC trilogy available too. Yeah, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is already fully available on the Switch, so it doesn’t need any sort of a re-release, but the rest of the Donkey Kong games could definitely be combined to make an awesome collection cartridge (especially if DK: Jungle Beat and Donkey Konga were included)!

All that aside though, I also can’t help but wonder when our favorite ape will take the main stage again. It’s been 7 years since the last new Donkey Kong game, so the big guy is due for something soon, right? If not, then we might just have another Metroid-esque situation on our hands, and I don’t think anyone wants that.

Would you pick up a DK Collection if Nintendo decided to put one out? What collections would you like to see from Nintendo in the future?

Image is the Donkey Kong 64 title art