Fall Guy’s Special Sonic Stage ‘Bean Hill’ Revealed!

Fall Guys fans have already known for a while that the game will be hosting a special Sonic collaboration next month in honor of Sonic’s 30th birthday. Up to now, the assumption was that this collab would just be the return of the Sonic and Knuckles costumes as well a couple of new ones like maybe Tails. Well, it turns out that this event will be going a bit further than that.

The above video was made and uploaded by one of the many data miners who’ve been delving into Fall Guys’ files looking for any secrets they can. I don’t know how they managed to not only find this level and run it, but I am glad to see it. This “Bean Hill Zone” has all the right Sonic trappings, and it looks like it’ll be playing host to at least one special game type. I could see this as a good stage from ring collecting, racing, or even one of the “tag” variants. Regardless of what we’ll be playing on there though, it really is a good looking stage. Mediatonic should feel proud of this one.

What do you think of “Bean Hill Zone”? Think you’ll hop on and give it a try?

image from Fall Guys Steam page