There Was Going to Be a Halo VR…But No More

It’s come to light recently that there was, at one point going to be a Halo VR game, but it was cancelled rather early in development. There’s nothing so elaborate as a trailer, but some concept art has made it out into the open, and it’s actually MP1st that had this story.

According to the MP1st report and quotes they gathered from Dan Chosich of 343 Industries, the biggest issues facing the project at the time were that VR was only available to a small portion of the gaming populace (still true. VR hasn’t exactly taken-off) and that there was little to no ability for players to freely move (thanks to VR’s inherent motion-sickness problem). So, yeah that was it apparently.

Going beyond the news for a second, it’s been really difficult to find the next “big step” for gaming hasn’t it. Graphics and such seems to have mostly plateaued, and VR still has a very long way to go before it’s capable of supporting even experiences on the level of traditional games, never mind experiences capable of surpassing them. Ah, well. For now, just a solid, finished game is enough, yeah?

What do you think? Would you have liked a Halo VR? How do you feel about VR in general?

Image by flickr user: Corrinne Yu (cc)

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  1. Honestly, I’ve never played Halo but I know the gist of it and I think fans of the game might find that fun.

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