Soul Hackers 2 Combat Looks Pretty Cool

As more information for Soul Hackers 2 trickles out, I must admit that I find myself growing more interested in it. While its certainly not looking like it’ll have everything that Persona 5 had, it’s still got a lot of the same flash and pizzazz. This appears to be true both in and out of combat.

Video from YouTube channel: atlustube

Actually, it’s looking a lot like a combination of Tokyo Mirage Sessions and Shin Megami Tensei. Well, I guess it’s better just to say that it’s looking like the latter since both this and Tokyo Mirage Sessions are spin-offs of it. I’m liking the ability to opt-into fights a bit more freely than in other RPGs, and the dungeons here are looking like cool place to explore.

The combat on display here looks like a pretty standard turn-based system with the extra wrinkly of being able to summon all of one’s…uh….personas? for an all-out attack at the end of the party’s turn. Depending on the price, Soul Hackers 2 might just be one of this year’s must-have RPGs.

How are you feeling about Soul Hackers 2? Think you’ll give it a shot?

Image from the Soul Hackers 2 Steam Page