Mundfish Reveals that ‘Atomic Heart’ Has Taken over 600k Hours to Develop

It’s been a hot minute since we last heard anything about Atomic Heart, hasn’t it? It was announced years ago at this point, yet we still know very little about it. This is probably for the best since showing too much too early often leads to broken promises and/or overblown fan expectations. So, good on Mundfish for not allowing either to happen so far. All that said though, it is pretty nice to finally get another nugget of info about the game.

Recently, Mudfish revealed that they’ve been working on Atomic Heart for over five years now. With a team of roughly 120 people working anywhere from 8 to 16 hours a day, that comes out to around 630,000 hours according to the developer. That’s quite impressive and definitely shows an incredible level of dedication to the project. Still, here’s hoping that the 16 hour-ish days were the exception rather than the rule. A new image for the game depicting the player character was released alongside this info, so we now at last know what our guy looks like. Overall, I’d say they look pretty cool

What do you think about this? Think that’s a crazy number of hours or nah? What about the main character’s design?

Image from Atomic Heart Steam page