Top 6 Worst Stars in Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64 may have been a classic of its time, but that didn’t prevent it from being a major pain as far as certain stars were concerned.  I was able to complete the game 100% years ago, and I attempted the feat once more during my recent recording of the game for YouTube.  As such, I’m now qualified to complain a bit about a few of the worst stars in the game, from least to most irritating!

6: Big Boo’s Balcony – Big Boo’s Haunt is a pretty easy world, with the exception of star 5.  First off, you must battle a rather large Boo on a cramped balcony where you can easily fall off or go back inside through the door, which effectively resets your progress.  And then once you succeed, you have to climb onto the roof for your prize, which is sloped and difficult to scale.  Why am I punished for completing my assigned goal?

Bothersome Boo balcony

5: Big Penguin Race – Okay, this one wasn’t that bad once I found a helpful video online, but I hate slides, plus having to avoid falling off the edge while also getting pushed around by that darn penguin was a rather stressful feat indeed.  And to make matters worse, if you use the shortcut, you’re called out as being a cheater!

The penguin always starts the race first. So who’s the real cheater?

4: Stomp on the Thwomp – Tick Tock Clock is a real bummer, as every star requires you to climb ever higher and repeatedly scale the same platforms over and over again.  By the time I attempted Stomp on the Thwomp, my last remaining star for this world, I was feeling rather fed up.  Especially when, after a long climb to the top, you’re required to ride this clock hand, which is difficult to land on when fast and painfully slow otherwise.  After all this work, I fell off the conveyor belt in front of the Thwomp and just quit.  At least, until I learned that there’s a method for completing this star with time frozen and a well-placed triple jump.  Even so, this world is still a major drag!

That Thwomp is judging me, I know it…

3: Tricky Triangles! – I didn’t really enjoy anything about Rainbow Ride because there is so little walking space.  But if I was going to choose one stressful star (not including the 100 coin star mentioned later), it would be Tricky Triangles, which requires Mario to traverse a set of platforms extremely quickly or risk sliding back down once they revert back to their original triangular shape.  I’m not super speedy, and several times I almost fell to my doom when Mario slipped off the platform.  I just don’t enjoy such stress!

Tiresome triangles to traverse

2: Red Coins in the Clouds – I’m talking about the star in Princess Peach’s Castle that is accessed across from Rainbow Ride.  This one is rather stressful and requires you to fly carefully above the clouds and collect red coins.  It’s a bit difficult pulling off a successful triple jump on some of these cramped clouds, but what I think bothers me most is the fact that falling sends you all the way outside the castle into a lake.  So every time you make a mistake, you have to swim to shore, head back inside, and run up several flights of stairs just to try again!

I may be a duck, but I don’t enjoy flying…

1: Various 100 Coin Stars – Maybe I’m pushing it with this one, but these stars just need to be combined, or else they’d take up multiple spaces on this list.  In general, these stars are just the worst because of the sheer stress of trying not to make a fatal mistake while you slowly collect 100 coins.  It should go without saying that Rainbow Ride (the level is 99% bottomless pit, after all) and Tick Tock Clock (I barely found enough coins here) are among the worst.  But I also struggled greatly with Tiny-Huge Island, which is just a pain to navigate.  That last one took 40 minutes just by itself!


  1. Matt says:

    As a kid, it took me way too long to figure out Big Boo’s Balcony. I could see where the Big Boo was, but I couldn’t find the way to get there!

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    1. duckofindeed says:

      When I played recently, I only knew how to reach the balcony based on memory. But I had to seriously wonder, how did I ever figure out how to get up there the first time? The way up to the top floor is just so hidden, and it wasn’t as if game guides were as readily available back then!

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      1. Matt says:

        Exactly. I think it took me a few years to learn how to get there, actually. The same goes for the sunken city in Wet-Dry World, but that one is a bit clearer.

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