Sailing Gameplay Revealed for Sea of Stars

More and more it’s looking like classic RPG fans are going to be in for a treat when Sea of Stars launches later this year. Sabotage Studio has been putting out regular updates on the game for a while now, with the latest showing-off players’ ability to sail around the world map.

Video from YouTube channel: Sabotage Studio

It seems like Sea of Stars is being developed with a “kitchen sink” kind of approach. This classically-style RPG is filled to bursting with features and unique twists to the old-school RPG ethos. Take the game’s combat for example, it has the turn-based foundation of its ancestors and even utilizes timed-hits just like the older games. It then adds extra layers of depth onto that system and doesn’t spoil it with things like random encounters and warping players to a special battle screen. Honestly, it almost sounds like a deeper version of the system pioneered by the likes of Chrono Trigger.

Other features include unimpeded traversal, no need for level grinding and pastimes like cooking, fishing, a table-top adventure game called “Wheels” and the sailing featured in the video above. It really is looking like Sea of Stars is going to be the whole package! I just hope that Sabotage Studio is going to be able to bring out this title’s full potential. Either way, sounds pretty exciting, eh?

Are you looking forward to Sea of Stars? What about it are you most excited about? Why do you think we don’t see these sorts of games more often?

Image from the Sea of Stars Steam page