Kirby Star Allies: Demo Review

Although I generally enjoy the Kirby series, I don’t buy most of the games because they feel so similar.  Fortunately, Kirby Star Allies gave me the opportunity to try the game out for free so I could decide whether or not it was worth my money.  Based on my time with the demo, I’d probably say…no, it’s not.

Don’t get me wrong, the demo has the usual Kirby charm and the same classic gameplay to which longtime fans of the series have grown accustomed.  It includes two stages, Grasslands and Cave & Castle, along with two boss fights.  You can befriend enemies by throwing a heart at them, giving you up to three allies to join you on your adventure.  There are occasional moments where minor teamwork is necessary, but it didn’t usually go beyond pressing switches and the like.  You can also combine your abilities for new transformations, which is fine and all, but is it worth $60? Well…

Video from YouTube User: Virtual Bastion

The game is cute and would probably be fun with friends.  But as someone who typically plays alone, I don’t think this game offers enough unique gameplay to differentiate it from Kirby games I already own.  For a single player like myself, this game is a clear pass.