New Scans Out for Triangle Strategy and More

With the quarter’s biggest games like Elden Ring and Horizon: Forbidden West now out in the wild, there’s a bit of a lull in gaming news at the moment. It hasn’t stopped of course, but I’m thinking that there just isn’t all that much to see right now. That said, the folks over at NintendoEverything have gotten their hands on scans from the latest Famitsu Magazine from Japan, and there’s a little bit of new info in there for games like Triangle Strategy and Void Terrarium 2.

The scans for Triangle Strategy appear to mostly be focused on detailing the game’s major characters. My Japanese isn’t good enough to really understand what’s written about each, but each character appears to have a short bio in this feature along with a really nice portrait. There are also a handful of screens showing locations in the game. As for Void Terrarium 2 and some new Gundam game, I can only guess what’s being said. From the look of it, readers can learn more about the basic scenarios and certain mechanics for each game. At any rate, the artwork looks good, so give it a glance if any of these games sound interesting to you.

Are you interested in any of these? What about Triangle Strategy? Were you surprised to learn that that was the game’s real title? I know I was.

Image from the Triangle Strategy promotional website