Tearaway Unfolded: Demo Review

Out of all the demos I’ve played thus far, my favorites have easily been Unravel and the subject of today’s post, Tearaway Unfolded.  Initially known simply as Tearaway on the PS Vita, this remake for the PS4 makes use of the controller’s motion controls and touchpad.  The game has a really adorable papercraft aesthetic, and you can even customize your character.  From the very moment the game begins, it just oozes charm as two disembodied voices switch between various TV channels, only to grow bored and decide that my chosen messenger and I (the player is referred to as “You”) should go on an adventure where we’re tasked with delivering a letter to the Yous’ world through the big hole that opened up in the sky.

As I mentioned earlier, the environment and characters all appear to be made of paper, which is simply adorable.  Water was even just blue paper with ripples on it.  Once the baddies arrive, called Scraps, the world is overrun with lots of splotches of ugly newspaper all over the place, which we can get rid of by shining light on them.  And this, dear readers, is where the motion controls come into play.

A lot of times, unconventional controls can be more trouble than they’re worth, but in this game (at least during the demo), they worked just fine and didn’t become a pain to use.  In addition to tilting the controller in order to direct your light beam, you also use motion controls to aim when you take photos.  There was also one point in the demo where you used the touchpad as, gasp, an actual touchpad in order to draw a crown on a squirrel!  I certainly hope that feature reappears later in the game because it was a really cute idea!

You can also collect confetti, which is used to purchase different customizations, such as different facial features for your character (I only gave her a mouth; I assume there were other things you can do, as well) and to buy different filters and lenses for your camera.  The game implies that there’s a lot more that you can customize, but I don’t know the full extent of how that works just from the demo alone.

The demo was quite generous and included the first two chapters, and I must say, I had a blast with them.  From what I read online, the game appears to be highly rated and takes about 8-10 hours to complete, more if you want 100%.  At a sale price of $19.99, I’d say the game is worth the money due to how creative and charming it is.  While most of the demos have left me feeling largely indifferent, Tearaway Unfolded is easily one of the most promising demos I’ve played.

Video from YouTube User: Virtual Bastion

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