Exploring a More Beautiful Skyrim

Since it looks like the Elder Scrolls VI still won’t be out anytime soon, I’ve found myself drifting back to previous entries in the series in order to get my Elder Scrolls fix. I started with Morrowind early last year, and later tried (and failed) to get back into Oblivion. Now that I have an Xbox Series S, I find my attention turning once again to Skyrim. I’ve stopped back into Skyrim here and there over the years, and I’ve even talked about playing it with mods at least once before. Even so, it’s incredible what one can do with a little more power, and the game has once again impressed me with just how good it can look.

My last foray into modded Skyrim was undertaken on a base model Xbox One. I could install some mods, even really interesting ones, but had to hold back when it came to installing higher-res textures and the like. The game also still ran at below 60fps most of the time, so I didn’t get any of that extra clarity. The game looked noticeably better, but it wasn’t everything it could be. Now though, now it truly is a night and day kind of difference!

This time I installed most of what I had before, plus mods that improved textures, animations, geometry, water effects and even weather across the board. The result: a Skyrim that looks so much more beautiful than I ever thought possible! It even runs at a smooth 60fps! Unlike the last time I played modded Skyrim, I’m now once again just stopping and taking-in the scenery from time to time; it’s very much like playing the game again for the first time in that regard.

It’s really strange. I mean the world always looked good and had a sort of fantasy magic to it, but somehow it really feels more alive now. Perhaps its the higher framerate. Perhaps its the more realistic looking trees and weather effects, or maybe it has something to do with the NPCs looking and behaving more naturally. May it’s the combination of all of these. I’m not sure, but what I do know is that I’m actually rather psyched to play through it again. I honestly never though that would ever be the case this far out from its release.

I once again find myself kind of wishing that I could actually be the Last Dragonborn and spend my days fearlessly exploring this incredibly beautiful and wild place. It’s revitalized the game for me despite all the quests and such being what they always were. It’s actually fun to revisit them again. I’m usually not one to go ga-ga over graphics; in fact, I’m often of the opinion that they don’t matter all that much. In this case though, they’ve made a difference. Skyrim was always a beautiful game of course, but now it’s even more so!

I don’t know if I’ll manage to go all the way through it again, but I’m definitely down to try. Heck, I’ve even added a few extra quests and such through mods, so I need to play those at least. Who knows though, maybe it’ll be fun enough just to get lost aimlessly exploring this place once again. It’s an amazing world still filled with adventure after all, and it’s now more immersive than ever!

What’s your experience with modded Skyrim like? Did it make much of a difference for you?

Image by Flickr user: cinz (cc)


  1. Matt says:

    I only played vanilla Skyrim on my Switch and had a lot of fun with it. Considering what I hear about mods, it’s safe to say I would have loved the experience even more if I had had access to them! =P

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    1. Hatm0nster says:

      They definitely can add a lot, that’s for sure!

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