Nintendo Shows New Screenshots and Art for Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Not too long ago, Nintendo surprised just about everyone with the announcement of a new Kirby game: Kirby and the Forgotten Land. It’s been a while since Kirby got his last console outing, but the real surprise is that the game appears to be set in a open, post-apocalyptic version of our own world. Well, something akin to it anyway. Not much has come out since the announcement, but, a few days ago, Nintendo released a bunch of new images, giving fans a better idea of what kind of adventure Kirby will be undertaking this time.

Video from YouTube channel: Nintendo

Judging by these images, it looks like Kirby will be following the Super Mario Odyssey model rather than that of Breath of the Wild. Instead of one world, there appear to me many stages for Kirby to explore and float his way through, with the goal being to rescue several captive Waddle Dees in each. It also looks like co-op will be making its return to the series, so no worries there.

All in all, Kirby and the Forgotten Land looks like it’ll be a true game-changer for the pink puffball, since it’s his first truly 3D adventure. It’s kind of amazing that it took this long for it to happen, but perhaps it’s just that Nintendo finally found a way to make a 3D Kirby game interesting. We won’t have to wait long to find out how it goes too, as the game is out on March 25th!

What do you think of Kirby and the Forgotten Land? Do you think Kirby will work well in 3D?

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