Portal Knights: Demo Review

My first impression upon starting the Portal Knights demo was that it felt a lot like Minecraft with RPG elements.  The game is described as a sandbox RPG, and the world is split up into a bunch of randomly-generated islands, though the demo only had us exploring one island after I spent a good deal of time customizing my character’s appearance and choosing between a class of Warrior, Ranger, and Mage.

As I worked my way through the demo, I completed several quests as I learned how the game worked.  I defeated enemies by hurling spells at them (as I chose to be a Mage), and I crafted a few things using the workbench.  Having also played through the demos for Minecraft and Terraria, I felt like crafting in this game was a lot easier, and I found myself way less confused.  Having only played the demo, however, the rest of my information on this game comes from reviews I read online.  While the game’s description says there are “epic boss battles”, people are saying the game only has three bosses (though the amount of “epic-ness” involved is in question).  They also say that building feels pointless because you’re always on the move.

Despite these negatives, I’d probably pick Portal Knights over Minecraft or Terraria because the RPG elements and the simpler crafting is more appealing to me.  People say they usually spend between 20-40 hours with this game, and while it sells for $19.99 on consoles, the app on Google Play is only $4.99, so if that’s your preferred method of playing, you’d certainly be getting a much better deal.  So if you’re a fan of these kinds of sandbox games, but want something a bit different, then Portal Knights might not be a bad option.

Video from YouTube User: Virtual Bastion

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