Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade Will Be Making it Onto Steam Soon

According to Steam Database, Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade will possibly be coming to Steam soon. The first person to assert this was a Twitter user by the name of “AtelierTool.” They said that the game will probably come to Steam in about a year, after Square Enix’s exclusivity deal with Epic Games comes to an end.

It was announced at The Game Awards that Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade would be coming to PC this month, and it did indeed launch on the Epic Games Store on December 16th. So, knowing this, it’s likely that the Steam version will launch sometime in December 2022. This is definitely good news for those who just want to play the game, but don’t own a PlayStation system.

For PC enthusiasts though, it’ll depend on whether or not the version released on Steam will be any better than the one currently available on Epic Games Store. That one has been receiving some criticism due to a high, $70 price tag and a lack of the usual suite of customization options that usually accompany PC ports. Does it matter? It’s up to you. And this is assuming that this Twitter tipster is right in the first place.

What do you think? Will you look forward to getting this on Steam? Do you need customization options when you play on PC?

image from Amazon Store listing | Originally sourced from WhatifGaming