Listmas 2021: Games the Whole Family Can Get Into

As we all know, Christmas and the other winter holidays all usually involve big family gatherings that tend to last at least an entire day. While it’s great to be seeing everyone, there’s only so much to talk about, so there can be a real risk of things slowing down and getting boring as everyone waits for dinner. So, why not play a game? There are plenty of games out there that everyone can enjoy, and these are some of my favorites!

Mario Party Superstars

Video from YouTube channel: Nintendo

Mario Party has a reputation as a friendship-ruiner, which actually makes it a perfect choice for a family gathering. Only four people may be able to play at a time, but everyone can get into the trash talk and mindgames that inevitably arise during a game of Mario Party. Everyone can cheer for their favorite player and come along for the Mario Party ride. It might introduce more pressure on the actual players, but that’s a small price to pay for keeping the entire family entertained.

Warioware: Smooth Moves

video from YouTube channel: AuraChannelerChris

Warioware is an inherently silly series, which already makes it good for gatherings involving a lot of non-gamers. Of all the games in this series though, Warioware: Smooth Moves is hands-down the best for this kind of situation. It’s crazy games combined with a bunch of borderline ridiculous poses makes it the kind of goofy spectacle that’s capable of spicing-up any long-winded family party. Even simply imagining it is fun! Try it! Just imagine your dad or your aunt doing “The Elephant” and trying to grab an on-screen apple. Hilarious, right?


video from YouTube channel: Jackbox Games

Now this is a party game! Jackbox allows a ton of people to play with just their phones, and encourages some of the funniest ideas you’ll ever hear. It’s combination of utterly silly questions and stupid situations are certain to get everyone in a jolly spirit! Well, at least it will if they aren’t fighting over who gets to play. The best Jackbox minigames to play with a large group are “Quiplash” and “Fibbage,” since both games encourage people to lean into their more ridiculous side. One caveat though, maybe play this one before people have had a chance to drink. Answers tend to get a bit…inappropriate once players have had a few.

These are just a few options of course. Just about any game that is entertaining to both play and watch will get the job done. Football families might enjoy games like Madden even more than this, and others may enjoy something like Just Dance. I’m pretty sure mine wouldn’t, but then that’s just us.

What are some of your favorite party games? What do you think your family would enjoy playing? Let us know and be sure to stick around for the final week of Listmas!

Image captured by Hatmonster

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