Unravel: Demo Review

A game which has crossed my path a lot lately is an intriguing little game called Unravel.  In this puzzle platformer, you play as a little yarn creature called…ahem, Yarny.  It looked promising, but at the same time, I was a bit reluctant.  I think I was worried Yarny (based on the name, no doubt) would be an annoying, overly cutesy little bugger.  Maybe an odd reason for avoiding a game, but alas, I kept passing over it until I realized that Unravel had a free demo.  Well, it would seem the time for excuses was over.

First impressions were actually…quite positive.  The graphics look amazing.  And the whole setting is relaxing and kind of bittersweet.  The game opens with an old woman, and occasionally during the gameplay, you’ll see blurry images of people in the background, leading me to assume she’s reminiscing over her life.  Admittedly, paired with the calm music and the whole country setting, along with my own ongoing efforts in real life to move somewhere more rural, the game left me feeling pretty emotional.  And that was just from a short demo!

Right, the gameplay!  Well, Yarny unravels (wait, that’s the title!) as he goes, leaving a trail of yarn in his wake.  Fortunately, the whole yarn aspect of his character is not isolated to mere appearance alone.  Yarny can lasso things with his yarn, climb up trails of yarn he has left behind, and tie yarn in places in order to make bridges and even a slingshot of sorts.  He can even run out of yarn, meaning you will need to plan your moves carefully to progress.  Needless to say, the gameplay has been very unique, and thus far, the puzzles have been pretty fun.

While I did enjoy what little of the game I played, I have to wonder if the gameplay might get a bit old after a while.  Reviews I have read online do seem to confirm that the gameplay, which seems to be the game’s weakest aspect, can get a bit repetitive after a while.  Even so, I have to say that there is a good chance I’ll be getting the full game someday.  The visuals, music, and Yarny’s unique yarn-based gameplay mechanics (not to mention the game’s ability to make me emotional over a demo) make this a game I just can’t stop thinking about.  Now, the main story is supposed to be about 6 hours, twice that if you want all the trophies.  While the game is usually $19.99, I often see it on sale, even bundled with the sequel, for roughly $5, which is a steal.  Maybe one of these days, Yarny will become a permanent part of my gaming library.

Video from YouTube User: Virtual Bastion