Vampyr Looks Even Better (Spookier?) on PS5 and PS4 Pro Now

When it launched in 2018, Vampyr was already a decent-looking game. It wasn’t pushing the envelope of visuals, but it didn’t look bad either. If anything, its art style and visual fidelity actually served the overall feel of the game, that of hopelessness and melancholy in a completely exhausted and plague-ridden London. The game could certainly have looked better, but the lower-grade visuals felt fine with all things considered. For those that would have like something cleaner to look at though, they’ve gotten their wish.

Video from YouTube channel: Focus Entertainment

Dontnod Entertainment has released a free upgrade for the game on PS4 Pro and PlayStation 5. Once downloaded, players can enjoy the not-so-happy tale of Dr. Jonathan Reid in 1440p 30fps on PS4 Pro and 1440p 60fps on PlayStation 5. Vampyr also happens to be on sale for 75% off on the PS Store, so now is a good time to pick it up if you haven’t already.

Have you played Vampyr? Do you think this visual upgrade will help it much?

Image is an official promotional screen shot