Spooptober: Ni no Kuni’s Spoopiest Familiars

Seeing as Ni no Kuni is a colorful and child-friendly RPG, it makes sense that even the spookier elements aren’t going to be particularly scary.  In a fashion quite similar to Pokemon, throughout the game, every normal enemy can potentially be captured and used to aid you in battle.  Seeing as I’ve always been a fan of undead creatures in particular, it has always been Ni no Kuni’s “creepier” familiars that have been among my absolute favorite to collect.

Starting with some typical ghosts, we have Bougie and Wisp.  Bougie is your typical Boo-like ghost, and its two highest evolved forms are…ahem, Bougie-Woogie and Bougieman.  Wisp, on the other hand, is accompanied by a pair of ethereal flames and can transform into a Ghost Wisperer.  The misspelling is on purpose.  One of my personal favorites is a green ghostly lady called the Girlfriend.  I can’t tell you how much time I’ve spent fighting these things over and over again until I was able to capture one, as they’re just so darn cute!  But watch out, because her first metamorphosis transforms her into an Ex-Girlfriend!  Beware a woman scorned!  Oh, and then there’s the skeletal Bonehead, who can change into yet another punny name, the Bone Ranger.  Oh, brother!

Of course, our little collection of dead darlings wouldn’t be complete without some zombies and mummies.  The Zombo’s most powerful forms seem to be all decked out for Trick-or-Treating, as they can change into either a pirate named Cap’n Zombo or a wizard called Mumbo Zombo!  Now this game’s mummy is actually a rather weird one, as it’s actually an egg adorned in wraps called an Eggroll.  Or perhaps you’re more in the mood for breakfast and would prefer its next form, the Scrambled Eggroll.  As for one of its highest and most eggcellent forms…considering mummies are mainly associated with Egypt, what do you think it’s called?  That’s right, an Eggyptian!  As you can tell, the “dad jokes” are strong in Ni no Kuni, and that’s one of the many reasons I love it so!  I hope you guys enjoyed this brief, yet pun-packed stroll through Ni no Kuni’s undead bestiary.