Dying Light Reanimates Once More for Nintendo Switch

Much like the shambling corpses it’s named for, the zombie survival genre is still shuffling around despite being considered “dead” since at least 2011. New games still get made, and older “classics” keep getting resurrected in the hopes of squeezing just a little bit more juice out of one of gaming’s oldest (and most overused) concepts. The latest example of this being Dying Light Platinum Edition for Switch.

Video from YouTube channel: Dying Light

As one might expect, Dying Light Platinum Edition is more or less just the original game plus all of the extra content released over the past few years. The fact that they’ve got it running on the Switch is definitely impressive, that much cannot be denied. Still, unless you either missed it the first time around or still simply cannot get enough of the zombie apocalypse, there’s probably not a whole lot of value here.

Of course, this doesn’t include people who are only just now getting into gaming. In this case, Dying Light is perhaps the best in the genre and well worth the time needed to complete it. For everyone else though, perhaps you’re better off waiting for Dying Light 2. Perhaps zombies won’t feel quite so tired by the time it finally gets released.

How do you feel about zombie games? What about Dying Light? Are you looking forward to the sequel?

Lede image is the game’s official title art.