Halo Infinite Will Be Missing Features at Launch

A few days ago, 343i released a “development update” video for Halo Infinite. There’s a lot of good and interesting info in it, so definitely check it out if you have time. Still, the biggest announcement was that the game will be missing a couple of key features at launch, these being Campaign Co-Op and Forge. They said they have a plan for introducing these post-launch, but is that really good enough?

Video from YouTube channel: HALO

According to the video and supplementary statements released by developer Joseph Staten, Halo Infinite will not have Campaign Co-Op or Forge at launch. According to Staten, the game will have single player campaign and multiplayer at launch, but fans will have to wait until at least “season 2” for campaign co-op and “season 3” for Forge. So, in essence, it’s likely that neither of these modes will be available to play until mid-2022 at the earliest.

While it’s great that they’re getting out ahead of this and letting people know well in advance, I can’t help but wonder if it wouldn’t be better to just delay Halo Infinite again. That way, theoretically, they could get both modes implemented more quickly since they wouldn’t have to worry about also supporting the live game at the same time.

That’s just speculation on my part though. Personally, I do think it would be better just because it would be better to get the whole package at launch. Releasing stuff like this runs the risk of people losing interest and leaving before the content is ever released, which will likely happen to many of those who decide to go super hard on Halo Infinite during its first month or so. Then again, this might also just be me wanting Halo Infinite to maintain the series’ tradition of releasing feature-complete with plenty of fun extras to dive into. What do you think?

How do you feel about this announcement? Are you okay with the drip-feed approach they’re talking about or would rather they just delayed it?

Image by flickr user: Corrinne Yu (cc)