Looking Forward to Ruining More Friendships in Mario Party Superstars

It’s already been a couple months since E3, and I’m still feeling psyched about the Nintendo’s 2021 line up. Metroid Dread is at the top of my list, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t darn excited for Mario Party Superstars too! I’ve been a huge fan of Mario Party since the very first one came out back in 1998, so to see it and every other classic entry brought back in glorious modern graphics…it’s great to see at the very least!

Video from YouTube channel: Nintendo

So, just about every Mario Party up until now is going to be represented in some form in Mario Party Superstars, including Mario Party 9 & 10. I honestly could’ve done without seeing anything from those two since they sort of represent the series’ overall decline to me, but hey, I’m sure someone is happy to see them so whatever. I’m mostly excited to see the stuff from the N64 days get an update after more than 20 years (it’s been so long!) All those classic boards and games…it’s going to be a real nostalgia trip!

Also, I don’t know if anyone else caught it in the trailer, but Mario Party Superstars is going to have online multiplayer! This is…this the day I’ve been preparing for. My friends and I never stopped playing N64 and Gamecube-era Mario Party games. We’re practiced; we know all the little tricks and strategies, and now we finally have the chance to unleash it all outside of our small group! It’ll be glorious! Or… perhaps it’ll just be embarrassing as we discover just how many small groups like ours have been waiting out there all this time. Either way, online Mario Party is going to be a blast! I can hardly wait!

Are you looking forward to Mario Party Superstars? Will you dominate the competition online, or are you afraid to see what will be unleashed by the dedicated fanbase?

Lede image from the Mario Party Superstars store page