Nintendo’s New Switch Looks Cool, But…

So, Nintendo launched a new version of the Switch last week: the Nintendo Switch (OLED Model). It looks nice, and it has some nice changes. However, this isn’t an upgrade in the same vein as upgrades for previous Nintendo consoles. In fact, it’s so in substantial that I can’t help but wonder who exactly this is for?

Video from YouTube channel: Nintendo

The Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) sports a handful of upgrades in comparison to the original version. First, it has an OLED screen that’s about 0.8 inches larger. It also has a full-width kick-stand which can support the system at all manner of convenient angles. The speakers are improved too, as is the dock which (finally) features a built-in LAN port. Altogether, this is a nice bunch of improvements, but…seriously who is this for?

The internals of the Switch (OLED Model) are basically identical to those of the original Switch, so there isn’t any extra power at play here. There’s also no improvements whatsoever for fans who like to play the Switch docked. Sure, online will be a bit more stable, but nothing else about this is aimed at docked play. This is not at all on the level of a New 3DS XL or even the plain 3DS XL, both of which at least offered a noticeable upgrade to the gameplay experience.

I’d say this is probably for people who don’t yet have a Switch, but I’m not so sure since it’s priced at $50 above the older version. Why shell out an extra $50 for not that much extra stuff when you could put that money towards another game or controller? So yeah, it’s cool that we have this option now, but I wonder if its benefits are really enough to justify a purchase.

What do you think of the Nintendo Switch (OLED Model)? Is it enough to justify getting it over the original? Think you’ll pick it up?

Image from the Nintendo eshop page

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