Sonic Colors Remake Possibly Confirmed!

Some dedicated gaming news sniffers discovered the possible existence of a Sonic Colors remaster earlier this week. First, a German dubbing studio listed a “Sonic Colors Remastered” in their work portfolio. Next, a French retailer, “SoGamely,” listed “Sonic Colors Ultimate – Limited Edition” for PS4, Xbox One and Switch on their site. SEGA has yet to comment on this one way or another, so it’s possible that this is a mistake of some kind. However, with E3 only a few months away, it may very well be that SEGA is indeed planning to release a remaster.

Sonic Colors is one of the few 3D Sonic games considered genuinely “good” by most fans out there. I unfortunately can’t personally confirm that since I missed it when it originally released for the Wii. I’d already been burned by Sonic and the Seven Secret Rings, so I wasn’t exactly ready to take Sonic seriously again. Yet, over the years I’ve heard mostly good things about it. It’s level in Sonic Generations, “Planet Wisp,” was a blast despite being a bit long, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the rest of the game was pretty fun too.

I have to wonder how many other people missed it initially. It must have sold well-enough that the remaster is justified, but I didn’t know anyone who actually owned it during the Wii era. Did it actually sell well, or is Sega hoping to capitalize on the semi-cult status it’s accrued over the past 10 years? As for me, I think I’ll check it out if the price is right.

What about you? Did you play Sonic Colors when it originally released? What did you think? Will you pick it up this time around if the rumors prove true?

Lede image is Sonic Colors promotional artwork