Tomb Raider is Getting a Definitive Collection

For anyone who, for whatever reason, hasn’t touched any of the more recent Tomb Raider games, there’s a new Tomb Raider collection coming soon. Titled the “Tomb Raider Definitive Survivor Trilogy,” this collection will include all the enhanced versions of the last three Tomb Raider games. This information is coming via a leak, so there’s little in the way of detail, but it’s not terribly surprising to see Microsoft release something like this.

It’s been almost three years since Shadow of the Tomb Raider launched for the now last-gen systems, so I suppose it’s been long enough for this sort of bundle to show up. I would imagine that this will offer the usual package of all the base games plus all the DLC, though it’s also likely that the competitive multiplayer mode from the first game won’t make it into this collection. That mode was never popular to begin with and has been dead for years, so it wouldn’t make much sense to bring it back now.

As for price, I wouldn’t put it past Microsoft to try charging $70 for the collection (seeing as how all game publishers want that to be the new standard price point), but I’m hoping that they’ll have some self-awareness and off it for around $40 instead. The first Tomb Raider is going on 8 years old now, and Rise of the Tomb Raider is almost 6 years old. Neither game is worth more than $15 dollars now, so it would be a bit of a rip-off to have to pay $60 or $70 for the collection. There’s also the possibility of all three games making it into the Games Pass library (if they’re not there already), so that would make paying a high price for this even less interesting.

What do you think of this collection? Is it something you’d be interested in?

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  1. Huge fan of this series so this is great news for me. I am optimistic on price given other recent remasters such as MW2 and Tony Hawk which were priced fairly. Hopefully, I’m right any they don’t go the expensive Pokemon remaster route!

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    1. Hatm0nster says:

      Right! These games are great, but we already paid full price for them when they were new! Cut us break!


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