Finally, A Truly New Pokemon Game!

Nintendo had more than a few interesting announcements during their recent Pokemon Direct, but perhaps the most interesting was the reveal of Pokemon Legends: Arceus. At long last, fans are getting the open-world pokemon game they’ve been dreaming of since the very beginning!

Video from YouTube channel: IGN

Personally, I’m not particularly excited for this game just yet. It’s looking a little too close to Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and it has me feeling a little concerned that Nintendo plans on doing ALL their major games in this style. Putting my paranoid speculations aside for now though, I have to admit that I’ve been waiting for Pokemon games to go in this kind of direction for a long time now.

The classic, RPG-style of pokemon games always hinted at the possibility of greater adventure and exploration. I always figured that the developers always wanted to do more, but just couldn’t due to hardware limitations. I figured that was why they went with the turn-based, fight-screen style. However, tech got better and they never moved past it. Even Pokemon Sword and Shield is beholden to the same old formula. With this though, perhaps we’re finally going to see a real step forward in realizing Pokemon’s potential.

It’s all here: getting the jump on wild Pokemon, having to actually through the Pokeball yourself, going out into the wild and actually needing a tamed Pokemon to defend oneself against the wild ones. Pokemon Legends: Arceus really looks like the kind of adventure the past games all hinted at, so here’s hoping Nintendo doesn’t get preoccupied with climbing mechanics in this one. Leave the climbing to Link. He’s already good at it!

How do you feel about Pokemon Legends: Arceus? Will you be giving it a try?

image from Pokemon Legends: Arceus announcement trailer


  1. Melanie says:

    I’m quite intrigued by the announcement. I like the idea of an open world Pokémon game but whether I’ll get it or not depends on how it is implemented. In the trailer it was described as an action RPG, one of my favourite parts of Pokémon is the turn based battles and I’m not into action-style fighting.

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  2. marcjames07 says:

    The trailer looks awesome and I am really looking forward for the game. Also, the other upcoming Pokémon game “Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl” looks cool as well so there is a lot of to look forward for the Pokémon fans. Its latest release “Pokémon Sword and Shield” isn’t doing bat also with 85% google users liked this game.I am also playing this game for more than a year and thanks to great guides like this one, I have become a master at playing this game 🙂

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