Listmas 2020: Cary’s Most Anticipated Games of 2021

Know that we’ve kicked 2020 out the door for good (though, that’s still questionable, I guess), it’s time for me to take a look into that which may pepper my gaming landscape in 2021. Frankly, my biggest hope for this year is actually obtaining an XBX or a PS5, but neither my Xbox One nor PS4 have given up the ghost yet, so the future still looks quite promising, even if a few of my choices here don’t pan out. And anyway, next year’s release calendar looks a little slim, at least in terms of games with actually release dates. Many more games are on the ever-present “to be determined” list, but that’s usually how it is. Still, we’re all hoping that this year will be awash in gaming goodness, and here’s my final Listmas list about those to which I am most looking forward.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Video from YouTube user GameSpot Trailers.

I suppose it’s telling that the one game I can’t wait to get my hands on next year is actually three old, remade games – the Mass Effect Legendary Edition. Yes, I still love me some good, old fashioned Mass Effect, so the announcement from earlier in 2020 that the trilogy was finally being remastered was music to my ears. Not only that, but this new edition of the games comes with all the DLC. Hand to my heart, I’ve never played any of ME’s DLC, so this has me additionally excited. Yep, come next summer(*fingers crossed*), I hope to be off saving the galaxy once again with Commander Shepard and the gang. It’ll be glorious.

Horizon Forbidden West

Video from YouTube user PlayStation.

If my hopes of getting a PS5 materialize, then the one game I also hope to get for it is Horizon Forbidden West. And even if I don’t get a PS5, then I still hope for it, since it will supposedly be released on the PS4, as well! Rumor has it that the game will be release in the latter half of 2021, so it’s already sounding like the perfect Christmas present to myself. After falling head over in heels in love with Horizon Zero Dawn, and being left with a cliffhanger, I cannot wait to visit Aloy’s next chapter and help her persevere against danger once again.


Video from YouTube user Bethesda Softworks.

Of all the unique games revealed in 2020 that actually have 2021 release dates, Deathloop is among the most intriguing. Set to come out on May 21, 2021, this time-bending title from Arkane Studio and Bethesda looks like some perfectly stylized, shooter-y fun. I have to admit that its been a good while since I sunk my teeth into a good FPS (last one was probably Borderlands 2?), and I think that Deathloop just might hit all the right notes. Or, I hope it might anyway. But, I will need a PS5 for this one, or at least a PC upgrade, if I go that route.


Video from YouTube user PlayStation.

Like Deathloop, Stray caught my attention at the PS5 Livestream from back in September. As I said then, I’m in the front seat for any cat-with-a-backpack story, which is seemingly what Stray is about, at least in part. The trailer for the game looked incredible then, and watching it now fills me with that same sense of wonder and sadness. What is this robot-filled world? Why does this kitty have a backpack? Is he lost? Is he magical? Is his backpack magical?? Are the robots magical??? (Probably not?) So many questions! If Stray is released this year, I hope to partake in whatever adventures this cat and his backpack manage to find.

No More Heroes III

Video from YouTube user Nintendo.

A lifetime ago, I once had a grand time playing No More Heroes on the Wii. I borrowed the game and had to give it back before completing it, but its memories had been made. After all, assassin-extraordinaire Travis Touchdown and his katana are not easily forgotten. I missed out on the game’s initial sequel, but I don’t think I want to pass over the game’s newest entry. First announced at E3 2019 and delayed due to the pandemic, it seems Switch owners – hey, that’s me! – might just get their hands on No More Heroes III in 2021. Maybe? The current teaser only offers a taste of what’s to come, but it looks awfully tasty. Seems there’s still plenty of swing and swagger left in Travis!

Lede image taken from Horizon Forbidden West press kitGuerrilla Games).


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