Bring Your Flammable Fantasies to Life With Fireworks Mania

As a young boy, I absolutely loved fireworks. I loved how bright they were. I loved how they filled the night sky with burst after burst of beautiful color, and, of course, I loved the excessively loud explosions they produced. So, naturally, I enjoyed playing with the smaller things like sparklers, firecrackers and cherry bombs.

I (mostly) played it safe like I was supposed to, but every now and then I couldn’t resist the urge to throw the crackers after lighting them like some sort of tiny grenade (don’t do that!). My parents never let me do anything dangerous with the bigger fireworks, nor did I try. I understood that those are way too dangerous. Even so, I always harbored a secret desire to do all sorts of unsafe things with those glorious, giant explosive balls of brightness. And now, it looks like I and my fellow fireworks fiends can finally have our wish with Fireworks Mania!

Video from YouTube channel: Laumania

Fireworks Mania is exactly what it looks and sounds like: a sandbox wherein fireworks enthusiasts can live out all of their long-held fireworks fantasies. Everything from simply blowing stuff up to putting on your very own, highly-coordinated and magnificent fireworks displays is doable in Fireworks Mania, and the best part is that you’ll only burn down the virtual neighborhood!

Fireworks Mania launches on PC via Steam late this December, and I’m definitely putting it on my wishlist. My first order of business: see how many giant sunbursts I can launch at once!

Did you enjoy fireworks as a kid? Did you ever want to set up your own displays and/or do things that were definitely dangerous with them?

Image is a promotional screenshot

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