Check Out the New Devil May Cry V – Special Edition Footage

The next-gen consoles are almost here, and they’re bringing a bunch of updated games with them at launch. While some probably prefer to see more truly new games accompanying the systems’ launch (myself being one of them), they’re still creating a reason for people to try out some games they missed during the initial launch window. Of these games, Devil May Cry V – Special Edition may just be the flashiest.

Video from YouTube channel: gamernejp

The Devil May Cry team is taking full advantage of the new technologies available in the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X. Upon starting the game up, fans will have their choice of many options previously only seen on PCs. These include the option for 4K visuals, up to 120fps at standard HD, vastly improved sound quality, and even raytracing if one doesn’t mind playing at the current standard of 30fps.

Devil May Cry V – Special Edition is also bringing a new “Turbo Mode” to the table. It’s still a bit vague as to what exactly this does to the experience, but one can at least guess that everything will at least be a bit faster. Fans can also look forward to a new piece of DLC featuring Vergil as a playable character. If nothing else, this is something to look forward to since it’ll be bringing more story tidbits and another wholly distinct character to the game. What’s not to love about that? If this sounds interesting, keep an eye out for it on November 12 when the new consoles launch.

Are you psyched for Devil May Cry V – Special Edition? Will you be picking up the who package for the new consoles, or will you be getting it via the Vergil DLC?

Lede image is official promotional art


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