Fall Guys -Ultimate Knockout- is a Silly, Fun Time

Ever since I saw the first trailer for Fall Guys -Ultimate Knockout- back during E3 2019 (I think that’s when it was anyway), I’ve been quietly looking forward to it. I wasn’t super-psyched for it, and I wasn’t feeling the hype. Rather, I’d find myself thinking that it looked like a very charming game offering a kind of silly fun that I didn’t really expect to see again. I was wary about the game having microtransactions (MTX) and such, and it was a touch concerning to see it releasing for free on PlayStation Plus. Yet, it looks like I didn’t need to be quite so cautious overall. The game is definitely a bit rough around the edges, but it’s already delivering on the goofy fun promised in its initial trailers.

Video from YouTube channel: PlayStation

Fall Guys -Ultimate Knockout- (or just Fall Guys), tasks players with one simple goal: be the last one standing. It’s very much like Fortnite or PUBG in that sense, but there’s actually no combat in this game. Instead, players have to outlast their competition as they take on obstacle courses straight out of “The Most Extreme Elimination Challenge” show from the ’90’s. There are also a few team games and challenges where players have to earn more points than the rest. It’s goofy; it’s fast-paced, and most importantly: it’s a blast!

Fall Guys has been fun to play alone, but the game is at its best with friends. It makes every race a rush and there’s actual investment in the team games; it’s great! Now again, the game isn’t perfect. There’s some lag issues, and the game’s grab function is kind of inconsistent. It’s also difficult to tell what will and will not trigger overtime in a team game. It’s also a little difficult to tell why your mascot character isn’t moving the way you think you think it should. The jury is also still out on the MTX. The main currency, “Kudos,” appears to be awarded at a decent rate, and it seems relatively easy to progress through the season rankings, but I think we’ll have to wait until next season (in September, I think?) to see how well (or otherwise) this is actually working.

If you’re on PlayStation 4 and have PlayStation Plus, you really should give this game a try. It’s a little rough, but it’s still a very fun experience! I haven’t won yet, but I’m still having fun stumbling my way through each round! I’m certain you will too!

Have you tried out Fall Guys yet? What do you think of it?

Lede image from Fall Guys -Ultimate Knockout- Steam page.