Sony State of Play Returns August 6th

Sony’s State of Play is coming back later this week, and it sounds like Sony is looking to give an answer to Microsoft’s recent Xbox Games Showcase. The focus of the show will be entirely on third-party games coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR over the next few months. There will be no new information about the PlayStation 5 system though; Sony made certain to be very clear about that.

The show will run for about 40 minutes, and it will include some information about games coming to the PlayStation 5. However, just like the hardware itself, no information will be given about any upcoming PlayStation Studios games. This State of Play showcase will only discuss third-party games. The show will run on August 6th at 1pm PST/ 4pm EST. You can watch it on Twitch and YouTube.

Are you looking forward to the new PlayStation announcements? Would you rather be hearing about the PlayStation 5 system?

Image from Sony announcement post