Resonance: Castle from Yoshi’s Island

Yoshi’s Island is a charming game from the SNES era that I didn’t get the pleasure of playing until not too terribly long ago.  The game’s crayon-like art style and general adorableness pairs well with upbeat music, the likes of which have been stuck in my head thanks to Super Smash Bros long before I ever played the game from which it originated.  Though I often find myself humming some of Yoshi’s Island’s more cheerful tunes, now that I’ve actually played the game for myself, it is one more…sinister song that has really stuck with me.

Video from YouTube User: NewBrawlgamemusic

Okay, maybe sinister is a bit of a strong word…though I would be remiss not to admit that this game turned out to be far more challenging than I was initially expecting due to the sheer cuteness on display.  And there are few environments more dangerous to Yoshi and his little baby companion than the castles, of which there are two in every world.  In fact, castles have always been brutal affairs in Mario games, as they typically possess the most diabolical of platforming and trickiest of traps.  What makes the castles of Yoshi’s Island unique, however, are the fact that they are sometimes as puzzling as they are challenging.

With that in mind, the music that plays in these castles is quite fitting indeed.  This tune has a truly sinister sound to it (yes, now that I think about it, that word does indeed fit), as if the music itself relishes your struggles and every near-miss as you narrowly avoid falling into yet another trap.  Even if I had never played this game, I think the castle music does an excellent job of getting across the idea of exploring a confusing, sometimes labyrinthine, dungeon of sorts that would like nothing more than to make you its next victim.

Yoshi’s Island features a lot of moments, characters, music, you name it, that has stood out to me.  Getting chased by giant Chain Chomps.  The final boss fight.  Some truly creepy enemies…  As far as music goes, the tune that plays in the castle is certainly the one that resonates with me most.

What music from Yoshi’s Island has stuck with you most, dear readers?  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!