Animal Crossing: New Horizons and My Quest for the Perfect Island

As this is my third week in a row writing about Animal Crossing: New Horizons, it’s probably safe to say that I’m still thoroughly addicted to the game. There’s just so much to work on that I find myself chasing different things each day I log in. Some days I want to make some bells, others I want to gather materials. I even got a Celeste+meteor shower combo earlier this week and had to make full use of it. This is all in service to my overall goal though: to make my island as awesome as I possibly can!

I’ve discovered that being able to fully customize the island instead of just your house really is a game-changer for the series. I was satisfied with just decorating my house in past games, but there was only ever so much I could do with it. I’d always wind up settling on a layout and then find myself with nothing to do beyond that. Such isn’t the case with the island editing; there’s just too many possibilities!

Image captured by Hatmonster

Over the course of my 90+ hours spent with game so far, I’ve probably put my island through at least two major renovations and I’ve got the third in-progress right now. I just can’t help myself. I see what other people are doing with there islands and get flooded with new ideas for my own. “I want to see how that would look if I did X differently,” I think to myself, and then I set to work trying to do it. My island is still far from being don though. Heck, it’s only got a 3 star rating!

The other part of this is that my group of friends are all playing the game and doing their own cool things with their islands. If I sit around too long, I’m going to wind up getting passed by in no time and I don’t want that to happen! So I plan, gather, plant, trade and transform until the island looks even more amazing than before. Maybe I’ll get that 5 star and have a legitimately cool island one day. It’s a real quest I’ve got on my hands here, one that’ll be a lot easier if I could just get my hands on more outdoor furniture and rusted parts. Until then…maybe an outdoor observatory would look nice?

How’s your island coming along? Got any tips to share? What’s you’re favorite (or least favorite) part of the process?

Lede image from Nintendo eShop page


  1. simpleek says:

    I’m pretty behind on Animal Crossing. I only just got the game as a birthday present and now I’m trying to unlock things first before I can customize my island the way I want to. I do like how this version of AC has made the possibilities wider and more interesting now.


  2. duckofindeed says:

    I have no idea yet what to do with my island. My least favorite thing is paying off my house, so I’m currently focusing on that. I have 750,000 bells left, and then it should fully be paid off! Then I can focus more on my island and house. I actually have two nearly empty rooms still, and I don’t have enough good items yet to fill them up.

    I’ve seen so many cool islands on YouTube, and it fills me with inspiration on what I can do to make my own island unique. I’ll probably have to sketch some ideas before I can settle on one that I want to make a reality.

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    1. Hatm0nster says:

      Definitely come up with a plan before you start working on it. You’ll save yourself a lot of bells in the long run. Also be aware that you can only have 8 inclines/ramps on your island, and moving them is a pain.

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