Gears Tactics is Out This Month

Fans looking for an excuse to jump back into the Locust War will be getting their chance later this month. Gears Tactics is out soon, and it’s going to be throwing players right into the front lines in the time when the war was at its hottest. There’s a small catch though: this isn’t your normal Gears of War game.

video from YouTube channel: Xbox

Gears Tactics takes a page out of XCOM’s manual by offering players a turn-based strategy game wherein they must recruit soldiers and deploy them in a way that hopefully doesn’t get them killed. There are five classes to choose from, with each have relatively extensive skill trees. This means that players will basically be able to create their dream units. Well, as long as they don’t accidentally order them to their deaths that is. The game is also starring an entirely new cast of core characters too, so there won’t be any of Marcus Fenix’s gravelly voice outside of a possible cameo. It’s all new characters chasing a brand-new villain in a new (to the Gears series) style of gameplay. You can check it out on PC and Xbox One starting on the 28th if this sounds at all interesting.

What’s your take on Gears Tactics? Interesting spin-off or boring rip-off?

Lede image from the Gears Tactics Steam Store page.