Platinum Games Teases Four New Projects

It’s already been a busy week for Platinum Games, and it looks like the upcoming months will be even busier still. On Monday, the developer launched their Kickstarter for The Wonderful 101: Remastered and saw it immediately get fully funded. So that’s awesome, but they’re not done yet! The developer’s also launched a teaser website that seems to indicate three more projects coming down the pipeline!

We don’t know exactly what these new projects are going to be yet, but we do at least know that they represent “new challenges” for Platinum Games. These could be anything from additional remasters for games like Madworld, to sequels to popular series like Nier, to completely new IP that we’ve never heard before. Regardless of what these turn out to be though, Platinum fans can likely rest assured that they’ll be excellent games. After all, Platinum Games has their reputation for a reason and it sounds like they’re more fired up now than ever before!

What’s your take on this? What do you hope these mystery projects turn out to be?

Lede image is promotional artwork

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