Metro: Exodus Gets Second Major DLC on February 11th

The story of Metro: Exodus continues next month with the release of another DLC expansion. Dubbed “Sam’s Story,” this chapter follows former US Marine Sam Branskill as he sets out in search of a way to return to America and reunite with his family. As is to be expected in a Metro game, his journey won’t be an easy one. Even so, he’s already survived everything post-disaster Russia threw at him and Artyom’s crew, so he’s very likely already prepared for what’s to come.

Sam’s Story will mostly take placed in the tsunami-ravaged city of Vladivostok, where he will have to fight to survive in addition to looking for a means to return home. As players explore the city in Sam’s shoes, they’ll have the chance to encounter new characters, new mutant variants, and unusual weapons all wrapped-up in a non-linear survival sandbox environment. Will Sam’s Story hold up in comparison to the main game? I guess we’ll find out come February 11th, won’t we?

What did you think of Metro: Exodus? Are you excited to jump back in?

Lede image is promotional key art

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