Persona 5 Scramble’s Opening Movie is Pretty Stylin’

It may still be a year away, but I’m actually kinda psyched for Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers. It’s not so much because I’m dying for yet another Dynasty Warriors-style beat-em-up game, but rather another helping of the world of Persona 5. I’m told this game takes place after the events of Persona 5 too, so I’m really curious as to which ending is being acknowledged in this game.

It looks like we’re getting a couple of new allies as part of the new game. The first has to be that goatee-sporting man seen on the train and in the shadow world, and the other is probably the heart-haired girl seen imprisoned in the screens. I’ve seen her show up as an ally in other trailers for this game, so I’m guessing that one of the first things the Phantom Thieves do in this new adventure is break her out of her prison. So yeah, sounds like fun! It’s just too bad that it’s only just now releasing in Japan (specifically February 20), as that means it’s going to be few months before the game makes it stateside.

Are you a Persona 5 fan? Are you looking for to this spin-off game too?

Lede image from the opening movie trailer