Dreams Has Gone Gold

Free-form game-making uh…game has gone gold! This means that the game is now feature complete and mostly polished. All the developers have to do now is chase down minor bugs and work on further optimizations for the game’s launch on February 14th!

Like Project Spark and even Little Big Planet (to a degree) before it, Dreams has its sights set on finally being the platform upon which gamers can make the game of their well…dreams. If it succeeds, then Sony might just have another massive hit on their hands. If not, well I guess it’ll be doomed to obscurity just like Project Spark. Personally, I think its success is going to hinge on the user experience.

If Dreams’ game-making tools are easy to use and understand, then things will work out fine. If they aren’t then it’ll likely only earn a cult-following on YouTube. I’m not interested in playing it either way, but I do hope it succeeds. It would be all kinds of fun to see the incredible creations people come up with, don’ you think? Oh, and here’s the early access trailer in case you forgot what the game is supposed to look like.

Are you excited for Dreams? If so, what kind of game do you want to make?

Image from PlayStation Store page