Gris is on PS4 Now

One of my absolute favorite games from 2018 is finally out on PlayStation 4! Yeah, I admit it; I absolutely love this game, and I was a little disappointed that it could only be found on the Nintendo Switch and PC at first. I consider it too good to be confined to a single system. That’s not an issue anymore though, because the PS4 version launched yesterday!

According to Nomada Studios, just about everything in the game has been revamped in order to take full advantage of the extra power the PS4 and PS4 Pro bring to the table. All the art assets have been reworked to support HD and even 4K detail, and the music in this version is less compressed than in the original releases. They’ve even thrown in a little nod to another game that heavily influenced Gris’ development (probably Journey).

Truly, this is going to be the absolute best way to experience Gris if you haven’t already, and I highly suggest that you do. It’s not the first game to aim for an emotional experience or explore themes like grief and recovery, but it does so in a way that I found to be incredibly powerful. Seriously, do yourself a favor and check it out!

What do you think of Gris and games like it? Do you like them or feel like they’re lacking something?

Lede image from Gris PS4 launch trailer