PlayStation Plus Free Games For November Announced

Sony has announced the games being put on offer through PlayStation Plus this November, and they’re actually pretty decent. On the one hand we have Outlast II, a game that is still very spooky despite not living up to its predecessor. On the other we have Nioh, which could also be considered scary in a way. It just depends on what you find scary.

It’s kind of funny that both game being offered this month have something to do with terror/horror since Halloween will have come and gone by the time they’re up on the market. Then again, maybe continuing with the Halloween spirit only makes sense. After all, there’s not much going on in November to set it apart from other months. Sure there’s Thanksgiving and Black Friday, but they’re not exactly days that are easy to tie into games.

Well, at least Thanksgiving isn’t. All one has to do to get a Black Friday theme going is set their zombie game at a public place like a mall…or Vegas… Hmm… On second thought, there already is a game out there that’s perfect for November; it’s called Dead Rising! 😀


Image from PlayStation Blog

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